Wendelin Reich: CEO-CTO and lead developer. Formerly a research fellow in computational behavior at Stanford University and a Pro Futura fellow at SCAS, he left academia in 2014 in order to devote all his energy to the creation of Virtual Beings.

Sophie Peseux: Managing and financial director as well as UX lead. Sophie has spent more than 10 years in the industry and served previously as CEO of Okugi Games. She has successfully raised capital for startups in games and related sectors. She’s a psychologist by training and has consulted a vast array of French games studios on UX issues.
Werner Schirmer: Werner has a consulting role in the company. He’s a senior researcher at VUB Brussels, focusing on how technology enhances and changes social interaction. He and Wendelin developed the core concepts of interactive behavior design which are now at the heart of Virtual Beings.


Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games

Oskar Burman, CEO of Fast Travel Games

Jana Palm, Co-founder, Stugan

Laurent Michaud, Director of Study, iDate